Education / Bachelor’s degree

Education / Bachelor’s degree


Within UIR, Sciences-Po Rabat was the first program to be accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education. At the end of the third year, students in this program earn a Bachelor's degree in Political Studies from the International University of Rabat and a Bachelor's degree in Political Studies from the Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Grenoble.


The Bachelor's degree in "Political Studies" aims to train high-level executives for the public and private sectors, at the national and international level.

KNOWLEDGE: It offers a multidisciplinary education (law, political science, economics, sociology, history, geopolitics, etc.,) to adapt to various professional situations and the challenges of the contemporary world.

KNOW-HOW: Students are introduced to the famous "Science-po method", notably in the framework of the Conferences of Method (CDM) which instill them with problematization, construction, writing and public speaking skills.


SOFT SKILLS: Equipped with this solid method and their multidisciplinary analysis grid, our graduates can tackle all subjects: alongside administrative, political and economic policymakers. They are high-level generalists who are very much at ease with cross-disciplinary knowledge and an issue-based approach.



A generalist cycle dedicated to the acquisition of fundamentals, the Bachelor of Political Studies allows students to acquire a liberal arts education. Spanning three years of study, this program prepares students for the two years of specialization in the Master's program. 

Students wishing to obtain the full degree at Sciences-Po Grenoble, which is a diploma at a “Bac + 5” level, must imperatively pursue two years of master's level studies at Sciences-Po Rabat or Sciences-Po Grenoble.


  • A "real" double degree: a degree from UIR + a Bachelor's degree in political studies from the IEP in Grenoble, both internationally recognized and allowing students to pursue their studies abroad
  • " Sciences-Po. Throughout the year, Rabat welcomes European research professors and research professors from Sciences Po Grenoble for academic contributions
  • Study abroad in 2nd year (second semester) in one of our many partner institutions [reference to the DRI site] (Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe. Study abroad can also, under certain conditions, take place at Sciences-Po Grenoble.
  • Cycle of conferences and symposia all year round as part of the "mercredis de Science Po" (Science Po's "Wednesdays").



Graduates of Sciences-Po Rabat join the vast network of Science-Po Grenoble alumni, the second largest in France. Graduates of Sciences-Po can join civil service, international organizations or, as is the case for the vast majority of them, the private sector.  They hold management positions in various fields such as international relations and diplomacy, journalism, communication or administration.


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