School presentation

School presentation


What is Sciences-Po Rabat?

○ An institute of political studies whose objective is to produce high-level, multi-skilled executives who are at ease with most issues.

○ The education provided is multidisciplinary; it is based on acquiring the fundamentals of humanities and social sciences (law, political science, economics, sociology, history, geopolitics, etc.), and on learning a methodology specific to political studies institutes, emphasizing synthesis.

○ The Bachelor's and Master's degrees, delivered by Sciences-Po Rabat, are established with Sciences-Po Grenoble as a double degree. The eligibility requirements, pedagogical content, teaching methods and evaluation procedures are thus similar between the two institutes.

○ The research professors at Sciences-Po Rabat continue their research at LEPOSHS (Laboratoire des Etudes Politiques et des Sciences Humaines et Sociales), particularly in the field of public policy, mobility, religion and African dynamics. All these specialties are taught at the institution.

○ Finally, Sciences-Po Rabat is an institution open to the world with more than 200 partner universities in Europe, America, Africa and Asia.

All undergraduate students complete a semester of study abroad during the second year. Students enrolled in a Master's degree program can go abroad for one or two semesters of study and/or do a six-month internship. In addition, the presence of international students and professors at Sciences-Po allows our students to grow in a multicultural environment.