Director’s Message

Director’s Message


Pr. Jean Noel FERRIE
Director « Sciences-Po Rabat »

Sciences-Po Rabat is an institute of political studies: it teaches all the necessary skills to be not only be a reflective, but also an active decision-maker; in other words, to become an “African decision-maker”.

We teach law, economics, history, sociology, geopolitics and, of course, political science.  Courses are taught in French, as well as in English and Spanish. However, the distinctive feature of “Sciences-Po” is not only this openness to the different fields of knowledge and languages, but also the method, the way they are blended together, resulting in a practical analysis adapted to the context. 

Our students first learn to be versatile, to upgrade their skills and to rethink their profiles. Nowadays, one changes jobs during one's career according to needs and opportunities. Our teaching is therefore particularly adapted to the job market. In fact, it has been adapted to it for more than a century, since the establishment in Paris of the Ecole libre des Sciences politiques, the predecessor of all Sciences-Po schools.
Sciences-Po Rabat has a peculiarity and an objective: to expand in Africa. Our continent offers and will continue to offer an increasing number of opportunities and Morocco is already looking forward to these. We are fully in line with this dynamic, with the ambition to become the first African Sciences-Po. This orientation is reflected in our teachings and in our partnerships.