Program description

This program combines the traditional organization of an engineering school (two-year integrated preparatory cycle + a three-year engineering cycle) with the American university model. 
  • An integrated preparatory cycle of two years allowing the student to acquire the basic knowledge required for the engineering sciences (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Industrial Design....) 

  • A three-year engineering cycle leading to an engineering degree. Students doing mobility at one of the partners and preparing for the Master's degree, will also obtain the Master of Science from the partner GIT or MSU.

Computational Fluid Dynamics, Finite Element Method for automotive applications,Theory of continuous media applied to Automotive, Experimental Methods in Automotive Materials, Power electronics for hybrid electric vehicles.

System Dynamics, Machine Design, Intermediate Electronic Circuits, Thermal laboratory, Combustion Engines, Mechanical metallurgy, Structures analysis, Energy Systems Design, Mechanical Systems Design, Introduction to Vibrations and Controls, Signals and Systems, Engineering Economy, Failure of Engineering Materials, Quality Engineering, Professional development seminar

Mechanics of Materials, Fluid Mechanics, Engineering Analysis, Thermodynamics, Introduction to Automotive Engineering, Introduction to Electronic Circuits, Heat Transfer, Materials for Mech Eng Design, Mechanics of Machinery, Experimental measurements &techniques, Aerodynamics, Introduction to Social sciences, Technical Writing.

Engineering Mechanics, Calculus, Modeling and Manufacturing, Physics, Calculus., Intro to Linear Algebra, General Economics, Thermodynamics, Differential Equations, Industrial management.

Freshman Seminar, English Composition, Calculus, Fund. of Chemistry, American Civilisation, Wellness, Physics, Computer programming


"J'ai choisi cette formation car j'aime tout ce qui est lié à l'ingénierie automobile, elle m'ouvre beaucoup d'horizons à l'international, j'ai la possibilité de faire des échanges et d'étudier à l'étranger."
 Hssain Ben Ouoch Etudiant en Ingénierie Automobile

"The automotive engineering school strives to give its students the possibility to develop their skill and knowledge in the automotive industry. provifing them with all the necessary tools to suceed in their professional carreer. I blieve that the automotive engineering school is a golden opportunity for inspiring engineers, one that should not be missed."
Oudayl Massat Etudiant en Ingénierie Automobile