Transfer Students

Transfer Students

Would you like to join the Automotive or Aerospace Engineering School of the International University of Rabat? You have just to follow the steps described below in order to achieve your application.

The four main stages for transfer students application

  • Step N ° 1 : Pre-application online

  • Step N° 2 : Preparation of your application file online
  • Step N° 3 : Validation of your online application file
  • Step N° 4 : Call to selection tests

Applications for UIR programs are processed online. Only applications submitted via the UIR application platform will be considered.

In this step, you have to follow the instructions thoroughly. Once logged in, you have to fill in the application form with the appropriate information:

  • Identification
  • School curriculum
  • Training proposal
  • Creating your candidate space

Note that you must keep carefully your login and password to allow you to access your candidate space and follow your application continuously

When you create your login and password, you must access your candidate space to complete your application by choosing your training (you can choose several trainings). It important to complete your file with the required documents by scanning, then uploading them to your candidate space (7 files):

  • Baccalaureate diploma (or equivalent diploma).
  • Transcripts that correspond to your entire post bac course.
  • CV with photo and cover letter.
  • ¬ Copy of the National Identity Card (CIN) or passport.
  • Recommendation letters from your teachers (highly recommended documents).
  • ¬ Any other documents that you consider essential to the good appreciation of your application file.
  • ¬ Your proof of payment of the contest fees in the appropriate location.

Reminder: documents in "paper" format will not be accepted