Master Hydrogen Energy

Master Hydrogen Energy

In a global context where global warming and the geo-distribution of energy resources constitute concerns and limitations, public and private national and international actors are measuring the importance of investment in new vectors and renewable sources of energy. . Green hydrogen today represents the challenges in terms of its ecological production, storage and transport networks.
In order to provide Moroccan and international companies and research laboratories with specialists in the field, the college of engineering and architecture of the International University of Rabat offers training in hydrogen sciences and renewable energies.
This Master of Science and Technology aims to provide the essential knowledge and know-how linked to the techniques of production, storage and use of hydrogen in different sectors such as construction, agri-food, industry. pharmaceutical, automotive and aeronautics.
The variety of modules also provides future specialists with additional knowledge in languages, management and human sciences.

Career opportunities

The H2E Master offers great prospects to students in academic and business environments. Graduates can move towards the industrial and economic sectors and work in a wide variety of professions, develop their own business or continue their doctoral studies.


  • Research & Development Engineer
  • Expert consultant in audit and energy efficiency
  • Renewable energy engineer
  • Energy management project manager
  • Thermal and housing engineer (heating, air conditioning)
  • Engineer in hydrogen technologies (production, storage and transport)
  • Doctoral student in science and technology (energy, hydrogen production, cogeneration and hybridization of energy sources)
  • Develop skills in the hydrogen market,
  • Respond to contemporary needs and geostrategies regarding energy supply,
  • Promote the decarbonization of energy resources
  • Mastering hydrogen production techniques
  • Master hydrogen storage and distribution techniques.
The syllabus below is provided to give a detailed overview of the courses taught throughout the university curriculum.  
  • D5Train specialists in modern hydrogen production, storage and distribution technologies
  • Contribute to raisins awareness of the convoy of decarbonization of energy sources
  • Ensure transversal skills in languages and e-communication offering international certifications
  • Offer Soft Skills in addition to technical training allowing good professional integration

    Admissions conditions

    To apply for the Master in Hydrogen Energy (H2E) , here are the conditions:

    • Hold a Bac+3 or equivalent diploma from a university in science and technology or an engineering school
    • Hold a Bac+3 degree and have a minimum of 2 years of professional experience

    Application procedure

    To integrate the Hydrogen Energy Master, here are the steps to follow:

    Step 1: go to the website:

    Step 2: Complete the form and upload the required documents, including identity card, baccalaureate certificate, and post-baccalaureate transcripts for each year, as well as the corresponding certificates of achievement.

    Step 3: Validation of your online application

    Step 4: Invitation to selection tests

    Admission decision
    The oral interview, lasting 30 minutes, is conducted by the admissions committee composed of permanent professors from the UIR. It focuses on the candidate's knowledge of mathematics, physics and engineering. After the interview, the committee deliberates to decide whether or not to accept the student.

    The results are communicated to the candidate by the Admissions manager by e-mail.