Students services

Students services

At the Higher School of Energy Engineering (ECINE), we believe that academic excellence is not just about rigorous academic training; it also requires comprehensive support throughout the educational journey. To this end, we provide a variety of services dedicated to enhancing our students' academic and personal development.

Tutoring Center:

The Tutoring Center at ECINE is designed to foster peer-to-peer collaboration and support. This service offers students the chance to improve their academic skills through personalized sessions tailored to their specific needs. Students who volunteer as tutors gain valuable experience and receive certificates of recognition for their contributions and teaching skills, acknowledging their dedication and expertise.

Advice and Guidance:

Understanding course material is just one aspect of academic success. Our Advising service goes further by offering tailored advice and guidance from experienced teachers. This support is available to groups of students aiming to navigate their academic paths more effectively. Our advisors help clarify goals, enhance learning strategies, and ensure that students can fully leverage the educational opportunities at ECINE.

Office Hours:

At ECINE, learning extends beyond the traditional classroom setting. Office hours provide students with direct access to their professors outside regular class times. This is an invaluable opportunity to ask questions, clarify concepts, and receive personalized academic support, thereby deepening understanding and optimizing academic outcomes.

Double Diploma of Excellence:

We are committed to enriching our students' academic experiences through cultural diversity and international exchange. ECINE offers unique international mobility opportunities, including the possibility to pursue a double degree with our prestigious partner, the University of Lorraine. This program not only enhances educational credentials but also exposes students to global perspectives and practices in energy engineering.

International Partners and Exchanges:

To learn more about the international exchange opportunities available through ECINE, and to explore our network of international partners, please click below:

Campus Life at the International University of Rabat:

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These services at ECINE are designed to ensure that every student not only succeeds academically but also grows personally and professionally, fully prepared to meet the challenges of the energy sector.