Call for applications for doctoral enrollment

Call for applications for doctoral enrollment

Thesis topics 2021-2022

The UIR doctoral college has 24 thesis grants (8,000 dhs per month over 36 months) for the academic year 2021-2022. The thesis subjects covered by these scholarships are listed below.
College of Management – BEAR Lab
Application deadline : 14/11/2021
  • - BEAR-2021/PhD1: Managing Actors in Business Ecosystems: Towards a Framework for Economic Sustainability.
  • - BEAR-2021/PhD2: How does Mobile Servicescape Affect Purchase Intentions? The Role of Customer Value and Trust
  • - BEAR-2021/PhD3: Consumers’ motivations and engagement with AI-based digital assistants: A cross-cultural perspective
  • - BEAR-2021/PhD4: The driving motives behind informal entrepreneurship and informal economy
  • - BEAR-2021/PhD5: The journey of Africa in the transition to a circular economy: Examining the role of information management and 4IR technologies in unlocking a circular economy.
  • - BEAR-2021/PhD6: Rich Green Vehicle Routing Problem
  • - BEAR-2021/PhD7: Effect of institutional voids at home countries on the internationalization of MNCs in host countries
  • - BEAR-2021/PhD8: Strategic HRM and organizational complexity: managerial responsiveness to contexts of crisis, uncertainty, and unpredictability

College of Political, Social Sciences and Law
Application deadline : 21/11/2021
  • - CGS-2021/PhD1: L’appropriation des données médicales par les usagers.
  • - CGS-2021/PhD2Places marchandes et carrefours migratoires entre le Maroc et les pays sahéliens, de nouvelles formes de circulations transsahariennes ?
  • - CGS-2021/PhD3Le projet de l’Observatoire Africain des Migrations : vers une gouvernance migratoire africaine commune ?
  • - CGS-2021/PhD4Revenir s’installer au Maroc, la complexité des ancrages des MRE
  • - CGS-2021/PhD5Les défis de l’entreprise face au Droit Fiscal des Affaires.
  • - CGS-2021/PhD6Droit International et veille stratégique : cas du Maroc.
  • - CGS-2021/PhD7Concurrence et propriété industrielle : complémentarité et conflits.

College of Engineering & Architecture – LERMA
Application deadline : 14/11/2021
  • - LERMA-2021/PhD2: Rare Earth Free alloys use in electric cars: The development of a Mesoscale Phase Field Model (PFM) for MnAl alloy.
  • - LERMA-2021/PhD3: Design, fabrication, and development of efficient exhaust heat recovery system for multicylinder diesel engine.

College of Engineering & Architecture – TICLab
Application deadline : 14/11/2021
  • - TICLab-2021/PhD1: Leveraging Data Analytics to Support Software Development Teams during their Decision-Making Process
  • - TICLab-2021/PhD2: Machine learning based 3D software sensors for partial differential equations
  • - TICLab-2021/PhD3: AI-assisted Human Labeling For Research Data

College of Health Sciences
Application deadline : 21/11/2021
  • - BioMed-2021PhD1: Identification and characterization of novel molecular chaperone inhibitors from Moroccan medicinal plants to treat cancer.
  • - BioMed-2021PhD2: Broken endodontic instruments: investigation of removal techniques based on the mechanical, electrochemical, and ferromagnetic properties of the Nickel-Titanium instruments.
  • - BioMed-2021PhD3: Exploration and analysis of antimicrobial properties of plant extracts for endodontic use.

Application submission

o submit your application for doctoral registration at UIR for the 2021-2022 academic year, please choose one or two of the proposed thesis subjects, and send an email to highlighting copy:
  • if you choose a subject from the BEAR laboratory (subjects whose code begins with BEAR)
  • - if you choose a subject from the LERMA laboratory (subjects whose code begins with LERMA)
  • - if you choose a subject from the Center for Global Studies (CGS) (subjects whose code begins with CGS)
  • - if you choose a subject from the TICLab laboratory (subjects whose code starts with TICLab)
  • - if you choose a subject from the Health Sciences laboratory (subjects whose code starts with BioMed)
by attaching the documents below (in pdf format ) :
  • - Application form for doctoral enrollment at the UIR duly completed and signed;
  • - Cover letter ;
  • - Curriculum Vitae (CV);
  • - Copy of the end of studies / master's internship report;
  • - Copy of diplomas (Baccalaureate, License & Master, or Engineer) (in a single pdf file if possible);
  • - Transcripts of graduate studies (in a single pdf file if possible).
Please note that each candidate must submit only one application file; he / she can select a maximum of two thesis subjects in the registration form.

Phases de sélection des candidats

The selection of candidates will take place in three stages:
  • 1. Phase 1 : Preselection of candidates for each thesis subject
  • 2. Phase 2 : Oral interview with shortlisted candidates
  • 3. Phase 3 : Final selection of candidates
For phase 2, each shortlisted candidate will be invited to prepare a note on the subject in question, and to make a 15-20 minute presentation to the selection committee.