The International University of Rabat has placed research, development and innovation at the heart of its development strategy.

Within the framework of its development contract with the State, UIR has made strong commitments to promote research and development activities capable of meeting the economic, social and industrial development needs of Morocco and Africa.

With its research teams from the scientific diaspora abroad, and excellence at the international level, UIR supports the development of cutting edge research and the implementation of research projects in the major development sectors of Morocco. 

UIR's research activities, which are strongly supported at the national level, cover several major disciplinary fields, including renewable energies, information and communication technologies, aeronautical and automotive engineering, political, humanities and social sciences, economic, management and actuarial sciences, and health sciences.

UIR aims to carry out research of excellence, to contribute to the creation of critical mass within the framework of national and international partnerships, to carry the Moroccan banner of scientific research, to address the major societal challenges and to contribute to the construction of the society of knowledge and technology.


One of the major thrusts of the policy of the International University of Rabat is based on the promotion of applied and useful research and open innovation capable of meeting the needs of economic, social and industrial development in Morocco and Africa through technology transfer, the promotion of research activities with the socio-economic environment and integration into international networks of excellence.

As a matter of fact, UIR pursues a policy of excellence in R&D and aims for international recognition and visibility, the labelling of its laboratories by renowned institutional bodies (CNRS, IRD, INRIA, etc), the development of national and international research projects and contracts with socio-economic and industrial players, universities and prestigious international research centers.

By establishing links between the university and the socio-economic world, UIR aims to enhance the competitiveness of companies and to contribute to society’s development.



  • Develop useful market-oriented research, particularly in innovative technologies and to address societal issues,
  • Carry out open innovation adapted to the requirements of the local and regional environment,
  • Position research activities on sectoral priorities, social, economic, national, transnational, international and globalized issues.
  • Develop strong and sustainable academic and industrial partnerships,
  • Create international research laboratories (LIA, LMI, UMI) accredited by national and international institutions,
  • Put in place highly qualified human resources and material resources at the cutting edge of technology.
  • Produce high-level publications, file patents and transfer knowledge and know-how to the socio-economic world,
  • Create Spin offs and Start ups for the valorization of patents,
  • Capitalize on technology transfer.
  • Offer comprehensive services with "From the LAB to the FAB" solutions.
  • Develop products "Made in Morocco"

The UIR research laboratories are true inter-institutional research centers that aim to create critical masses and foster transdisciplinarity. They are:

·         Laboratory of Information and Communication Technologies

·         Laboratory of Renewable Energies and Advanced Materials

·         Research Laboratory in Business, Economics and Actuarial Sciences

·         Laboratory of Political Studies and Humanities and Social Sciences

·       Two research entities in the field of architecture and in the field of biology and health.

UIR has also set up Research Chairs, which are flexible structures attached to research laboratories to mobilize funds and sponsorship partnerships and conduct research and studies on a specific theme in response to the needs of an institutional or socio-economic player.

         Pension and Retirement Chair

     Migration, Mobility and Cosmopolitanism Chair

        Chair: Cultures, Societies and Religious Issues

         Knowledge Economy Chair

In line with its strategic priorities, UIR has set up international research laboratories with national and foreign teams, notably French and American, including:

· Associated International Laboratory (LIA) CNRST-CNRS-France "FDI": Inequalities, development and political equilibriums.

·. Associated International Laboratory (LIA) CNRST-CNRS-France “DATANET”:  Big Data and large-scale networks.

· Associated International Laboratory (LIA) CNRST-CNRS-France “ATLAS”: Trans-Mediterranean Association of Laboratories for Solar Energy Applications.

·  Joint international laboratory (LMI) IRD/France “MOVIDA”: Mobility, travel, innovation and dynamics in Africa.

·      The OpenLab PSA@Maroc "Sustainable Mobility for Africa". This is the 1st Open Lab of the PSA group on the African continent. It is a joint entity bringing together the academic world and the automotive industry. 


  • Vice-Presidency: Research and Development
  • Pr. Abdelaziz Benjouad, VPRD
  • Tel: +212 (0) 5 30 10 31 35
  • Email:
  • Address: Université Internationale de Rabat Technopolis Rabat_shore Rocade Rabat salé