UIR Patents

UIR Patents

Applied research, valorization, technology transfer, innovation and participation in international networks of excellence are at the heart of UIR's commitment. With its research teams from the scientific diaspora abroad and international excellence, the International University of Rabat supports the development of top-level research and the implementation of research projects in the major scientific sectors with a promising future.

UIR has made a strong commitment to protect its inventions by filing patents at national and international level. The objectives are manifold: to contribute to spreading the culture of intellectual property in academia (students, researchers, staff) and in the Corporate world by creating emulation in the National Strategy on Research and Innovation (SNRI), to gain exposure at the national and international level, to attract and secure academic and industrial partnerships, and of course to ultimately ensure a return on investment by creating wealth and added value.

Already, UIR is using some of its patents as a means of connecting and building trust on the market. It has signed partnership agreements with national companies for the co-development of new products and/or for improving the performance of known products on the basis of UIR's intellectual property portfolio.

In less than five years, UIR has filed more than 311 patents, 58 of which were filed internationally. Some patents in the process of being valued and transferred mainly concern:

  • Solar lamppost
  • Solar tracker
  • Solar water heater
  • Automatic Eco-Air Conditioning
  • Smart speed limit panel
  • Variable display panel
  • Lane allocation panel
  • Smart tablet for educational institutions