Fab Lab

Fab Lab


FabLab Rabat is the first university manufacturing lab in Morocco. In December 2015, it opened a space for the manufacture of objects and the sharing of knowledge.
DIY is encouraged here. You can manufacture almost any type of object in a FabLab, mainly using computer-controlled machines.
A Fab Lab is an open platform for creating and prototyping physical objects, "smart" or not. It is intended for entrepreneurs who want to quickly shift from concept to prototype; for designers and artists; for students who want to experiment and enrich their practical knowledge in electronics, CAD/CAM, Design.


Using the software available on the FabLab computers, and the lab equipment, you can put your creativity to work and create innovative objects.


With the MIT accreditation, and the video conference room provided by the university, you can share your projects internationally and communicate with people from multiple and varied backgrounds.