2 training centers

2 training centers

UIR: 1 university, 2 executive training centers

UIR has chosen to be strategically located in two dynamic technoparks offering a training framework conducive to exchanges between the University and the business world.


Integrated into the Rabat Campus, the executive education center offers a fully equipped space dedicated to executive education programs. It also provides unique residential options, including housing, access to the library and sports facilities.

Address of the UIR Campus in Rabat: Parc Technopolis Rabat-Shore, Rocade Rabat-Salé - 11 100 Sala el Jadida

TEL : +212 530 10 30 00


Since February 2013, UIR launched its executive education center in Casablanca, located in CasaNearshore in the heart of the 1st offshoring park in Morocco. It is equipped with modern infrastructure and pedagogical equipment in order to ensure an optimal level of training quality.

Address of the Casablanca center: Casablanca Nearshore Park, Shore 13 - Plateau 001.1100 Bd Al Qods - Sidi Maarouf District, 20270 Casablanca - Morocco

TEL : +212 530 10 40 82