Digital law and intellectual property

Digital law and intellectual property

This university course responds to the growing need in Morocco and Africa to combine creativity and innovation in the use of digital media, and intellectual property, with the understanding of the areas of performance of Law and the Judicial and Legal Framework governing these fields.

This combination is necessary to be able to grow within these rapidly changing sectors with the capacity to face the many challenges they pose. The lack of applied knowledge of Digital and Intellectual Property Law exposes professionals in these fields to numerous difficulties in conducting and organizing their projects in compliance with the regulations and laws in force, and may even sometimes expose them to be in conflict with these laws or to lose some or all of their rights.

As a result, these professionals are increasingly voicing their need for training to overcome the scarcity of expertise in this area of Digital and Intellectual Property Law. This training course brings together more than twenty specialists who will introduce participants to the legal and judicial framework of the Digital and Intellectual Property professions.

Responsable du master
M. Abdessamad GHARIS 

Tel : 06 64 35 34 11

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