Digital Marketing and Communication

Digital Marketing and Communication

In the history of the media, 2016 saw digital advertising spending exceed that of television. Currently, smartphone connectivity surpasses that of computers, today's revolution is synonymous with digitalization and digital transition, ...

Inevitably, the marketing, communication and sales professions have undergone a triple transformation:
- Dozens of new professions have appeared and continue to be created...
- The digital, service and distribution industries are faced with the need to integrate these new profiles in order to successfully implement their digital transformation.
- For experienced managers, only those with these new skills will succeed in driving digital transformations, regardless of the sector.

On the other hand, the expansion of web technologies, the multiplicity of social media, the explosion of big data driven by the rise of the web and the evolution of consumer behavior, create the need for smarter marketing and communication.
It has therefore become inevitable to have a good knowledge of the digital skills applied to marketing and communication.

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