Business Law and Tax Law

Business Law and Tax Law


In a highly competitive economic context, public and private companies have become increasingly aware of the importance of business law as a factorof sound management, security and profitability, on an equal footing with commercial and financial functions. An error in the negotiation of the terms of a contract could lead to significant financial losses, which may in some cases be subject to criminal law.
Aware of this development, the International University of Rabat is launching the Executive Master's degree in Business Law and Tax Law.

This Executive Master's program, which is offered during weekends in Rabat and Casablanca, is based on three main components: legal, taxation and international.

Through a cross-cutting, synthetic and practical approach, this training aims to train business lawyers from different disciplines in order to acquire the legal and taxation knowledge required for the proper conduct of legal and litigious business cases of companies.

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