{ Legal incorporation of the association, UIR-ALUMNI

Legal incorporation of the association, UIR-ALUMNI

Strength in numbers, they say, so let's get together!

Dear alumns,


We are pleased to announce the legal incorporation of the Alumni Association, created by and for all UIR alumns, regardless of their academic background.


UIR-ALUMNI is a non-profit association without any political affiliation. Its aim is to create a permanent bond of solidarity and mutual aid between the graduating classes, in order to maintain traditions and defend the interests of the graduates and their University.


UIR ALUMNI is characterized by a vision of solidarity and citizenship in the sense that it aims to consolidate and ensure the reliability of a network of interconnected alumni striving for the professional integration of UIR alumni.


Following a long process of legal incorporation, we note with great hindsight that the real challenge lies in the involvement and motivation of the aumni; but how can we defend your interests if you do not share your needs and expectations with us, and especially if we do not have your updated contact details?


 They say that there is strength in numbers, so let's get together!


It is in this context that we invite you to fill in your details via the following link:



As a reminder, the Alumni Employability and Follow-up Department, attached to the Student Life Department, is also at your disposal to assist you in your professional integration. Regular communication to identify your expectations is essential to serve you in the best possible way and within the shortest possible timeframe.