{ Success story of a UIR Alumn

Success story of a UIR Alumn

Do you think you can become a MILLIONAIRE from scratch?

Mokhtar JABLI, a UIR alumn, believed in himself and seized the opportunity!

After graduating in 2013 from the first class of Computer Engineering at UIR, this young Rabat native travelled to the United States on a quest of the American dream and published his first book about the first million dollars he won. Mokhtar JABLI believed in himself and seized the opportunity based on a simple and obvious idea, which led him to a most incredible adventure. It was tough, but not impossible...

Now a successful real estate developer, this UIR alumn looks back on his career:  

Pursuing his engineering studies in Paris, he continued his journey in the United States and ventured into the world of real estate, becoming the founder of the "AIRbnb First Million Method", without owning any real estate assets!

In his book, he unveils all the initiatives and strategies implemented in the niche market of rental management with the aim of making it a primary or complementary source of income. Each step of his journey is carefully detailed in his book; from the entrepreneurial project to the management of this successful business.

Proud of his academic background and of his UIR alma mater which enabled him to start this success story, Mokhtar JABLI shares with us his adventure and his secrets, thus becoming a source of inspiration for our young UIR students!

The young Rabat native and UIR alumni will soon return to the University campus to meet our students...Stay tuned!

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