{ Summer is coming to UIR with its "SUMMER PROGRAM"

Summer is coming to UIR with its "SUMMER PROGRAM"

Since the 1st of July 2019, the International University of Rabat has been hosting a group of 10 American students and 3 professors from the University of North Carolina Wilmington. Put in place by the International Relations Department, this "summer program" aims to introduce its participants to the richness of our country through various courses and cultural integration activities. With trips, language courses, socializing with Moroccan students, this first group will experience 5 weeks living with a host family and exploring Moroccan culture.

Since July 7th, a second group of students from the University of Massachussetts-Boston and their professors have landed on campus, as part of a 3-week "Summer Program". This second group will take part in Moroccan culture classes and seminars during their stay. From Fez, Meknes, to Marrakech or Chefchaouen, they will criss-cross the major cities of the Kingdom to discover the landscapes of Morocco and the culture of each region. Several themes will be addressed by our professors, such as "The gender issue in Morocco" by Mrs. Hakima Fassi-Fihri, the "Arab Spring" by Prof. Najib Mokhtari and "Sufi and Islam in Morocco" by Prof. Meriem el Haitami.